Hand Held Sewing Machine: Pros & Cons

Hand Held Sewing Machine: Pros & Cons

Hand-held sewing machines have become well-known on shopping shows on television such as eBay, Internet malls. It’s tempting to do simple sewing tasks such as sewing on buttons or fixing the loose edges of the seam. There are tiny and cheap sewing machines that are „hand-held“ since they don’t require any setup.A true „hand-held“ machine is able to be carried in your hand. It is like the size and form of a large stapler.

Before investing your money you should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of a device like this one.


Benefits of the hand-held Sewing Machine:

1. One of the most prominent advantages is its portable nature. If you’d like to relax in your living room and watch TV with your family or just sit on the patio and watch the children it is a great hand-held. A standard sewing machine can’t be transported easily, whereas a genuine hand-held machine can be carried wherever you want to go.

2. They don’t require power source. If you’re camping or in an establishment that is big plus.

3. The cost is very affordable in comparison to the top of the line sewing machines that are not just thousands of dollars, but are certainly not „overkill“ for basic tasks like sewing. It is possible to purchase the hand-held model for less than $30.


Advantages of the hand-held Sewing Machine

1. A typical sewing machine is very solid, as it rests on a flat hard surface. Hand-held sewing devices are not so stable, and the result could look pretty ugly stitches with uneven tension that could be easily removed.

2. They’re not as straightforward to operate as a standard machine. It requires some time to master creating flat, even stitches. Even experienced needlewomen are stuck.

3. The tension isn’t able to function just like a higher-end machine The result is usually very poor stitches that have uneven stitches they look messy and much less sturdy than standard sewing machine.

4. Since they are less expensive and thus of lower quality They are more prone to fail easily. Many owners have reported odd things, such as their handheld switching itself off unexpectedly.

5. The thing that hand-held sewing machine users are most unhappy about is the fact that unlike a traditional machine, you aren’t able to remove the threads at end of the stitching once you’re done. Instead, you must continue to run the machine mid-air until there’s enough thread to secure the stitches.


With so many different options available to consumers, the consumer has to choose between a lower cost and portability on the one hand, and a higher quality outcome, with more cost and hassle on the other. Be aware of the options prior to making a choice.

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