How to Oil Your Sewing Machine

How to Oil Your Sewing Machine

If you’re like most people, your sewing machine probably just sits in a closet gathering dust. But don’t worry, it can be taken care of just fine. In this article, we will cover the basics of oiling your sewing machine and why it is important.

Sewing machines are sensitive machines and because of that, they need special care. Oiling your machine will keep it running smoothly and help it last longer. We will also go over some common mistakes that people make when oiling their sewing machine and how to avoid them.

What Kind Of Oil To Use

There are a few different types of oil that you can use on your sewing machine, but the best type to use is actually sewing machine oil. This oil is specifically designed for sewing machines and will help keep your machine running smoothly. You can find this oil at most fabric or craft stores.

Another type of oil that you can use is mineral oil. This is a good option if you can’t find sewing machine oil, but it’s not as ideal. Mineral oil is a bit thicker than sewing machine oil and can gum up the works of your machine over time. It’s also a bit more difficult to control when you’re using it, so you might end up making a mess.

If you do decide to use mineral oil, make sure to only use a small amount and be very careful when applying it. Sewing machine oil is still the best option for keeping your machine in good condition.

Where To Apply The Oil

When you’re oiling your sewing machine, it’s important to know where to apply the oil. You don’t want to put too much oil on any one spot, as this can cause build-up and eventually gum up your machine. Instead, focus on putting a few drops of oil in each of the following places:

  • The needle bar
  • The take-up lever
  • The balance wheel
  • The hook race
  • The feed dogs

Once you’ve applied oil to these key components, run your machine for a few minutes to help distribute the oil evenly. Then wipe away any excess oil with a clean cloth. By taking these steps, you can keep your sewing machine running smoothly for years to come!

How Often To Oil Your Machine

If you want your sewing machine to run smoothly, it is important to keep it oiled. But how often should you oil your machine?

The answer depends on how often you use your machine. If you use it daily, then you should oil it once a week. If you use it weekly, then you should oil it every two weeks. And if you only use it monthly, then you can oil it once a month.

It is also important to clean your machine before you oil it. This will help remove any dirt or debris that could clog up the works. To clean your machine, simply remove the needle and bedplate and wipe everything down with a soft cloth. Once everything is clean, you can add a few drops of oil to the moving parts of your machine.

Be sure to use only sewing machine oil and not any other type of oil, as this could damage your machine. Also, be careful not to over-oil your machine as this can also cause problems. Just a few drops of oil are all that is needed to keep your machine running smoothly.

What Happens If You Don’t Oil Your Machine

If you don’t oil your machine, the parts will eventually start to rub against each other and create friction. This can lead to the parts wearing down and breaking, and it will also make your machine run less smoothly. In some cases, it can even cause your machine to overheat.

Signs That Your Machine Needs Oiling

If your sewing machine is starting to make strange noises, it may be time to give it a good oiling. Other signs that your machine needs oiling include:

  • The needle is skipping or not moving smoothly
  • The thread is breaking frequently
  • The fabric is bunching up or not feeding smoothly through the machine

Oiling your sewing machine is a relatively simple task that you can do at home. All you need is a can of sewing machine oil and a clean, soft cloth. First, unplug your machine and remove any debris from the area around the needle. Next, use the cloth to wipe down the shaft of the needle. Be sure to get rid of any old oil or dirt that may be on the shaft.

Now it’s time to start oiling your machine. Place a drop of oil on the shaft of the needle and use the cloth to spread it around. You don’t need to use a lot of oil, just enough to create a thin layer. Once you’ve oiled the needle, move on to the other parts of your machine. Oil any exposed metal surfaces, such as gears and pulleys. Be sure to avoid getting any oil on plastic parts or electrical components.

Once you’re finished oiling, plug in your machine and test it out. You should notice an improvement in performance right away. Remember to oil your sewing machine regularly to keep it running smoothly for years to come!


I have outlined the steps for oiling your sewing machine. It is important to oil your machine regularly to keep it running smoothly. You should also be sure to use the right type of oil and apply it in the right places. If you don’t oil your machine, it can lead to problems like noise or decreased performance. Be sure to check your machine regularly for signs that it needs oiling. Thanks for reading!

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