Photo Personals Dating Tips

Photo Personals Dating Tips


You will find that many of the free dating services ask for photos personals. Dating profiles will contain your photos and personal information to help others decide if they want to further contact you. Don’t worry though because it is through these photo personals dating information areas on the websites that you too decide which people you would like to talk to and meet. Here are some photos personals dating tips for you.

Everyone wants to present their best side and look terrific in the photos personals dating that they post on the free dating services on the Internet. Yet, if you think about your every day life the majority of us like to wear relaxing clothes when we are not at work or lounging about the house. Do you really wear your best clothes all of the time? The majority of us do not. The first key to selecting an outfit for your photos personals dating profile is to choose an outfit that compliments your best features but is a compromise from completely sloppy to an outfit that you would wear only to a wedding or very formal event. Select an outfit that is either something that you wear often when you are not working or an outfit that is a nice compromise. This will give others a truer impression of who you are. After all, your ideal match will be someone that accepts you for the person that you are on a daily basis.

For the photos personals dating profile section of the free dating services, do not post a picture that was taken at a photography studio or you mug shot from your driver’s license. Have a friend or relative snap a few photos of you in your natural surroundings or even doing an activity that you enjoy. For example, if you fish a great deal you can have a friend snap a photo of you fishing or of you holding your biggest catch for the day. If you enjoy quilting, you could have a relative snap a photo of you working on your latest quilting project. Skip the photos where you are standing stiff in the middle of a flower bed in the local park or leaning against a tree in your backyard of your home. These photos do not show you relaxed and enjoying life. Think about the impression that the photo is conveying when others look at it. You want to use the photos personals dating profile area to give people an indication of who you are and not just what you look like.

Be in a good mood when you have someone take your pictures for the photos personals dating profile area. You will be amazed at how often photos will convey someone’s general attitude and mood at the time of the photo. It is not good to have the pictures taken if you are nervous, sick or not in a good mood. On the same line of thinking though, it is not good to have the photos taken when you are under the influence of alcohol either. The key to a quality picture is being relaxed and in a good mood. For more quality dating advice visit

Make certain that you do not take pictures that are strictly your head and shoulders. These types of photos can look like mug shots regardless of the types of backgrounds you have for them. If you are tempted to air brush or touch up photos to make yourself look thinner or delete that one little mole on your arm, don’t do this. Again the primary purpose of the photos personals dating profile areas is to show other members your true self and to relax. Following these tips will not only give you an honest photos personals dating profile area but will help you to find others that can be your perfect dating match.

Source by Steve Cargill

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