Principles of Closet Organization

Principles of Closet Organization


Everyone has different closet needs. You may wish that you had more storage while someone else needs room for their extensive shoe collection. Designing a closet is a very personal thing. However, there are some basic principles that we can all follow to get the most out of organizing our closets. Ask yourself a few questions and consider all of the possibilities before you begin. You could be on your way to the organized closet of your dreams.

The first step is to ask yourself what is most important. What bothers you about your closet now? Make a note of the things that you would like to change and ideas for how you might change them.

Next, take a good look at what you own. Everyone’s wardrobe is different. You may have a lot of dresses and long coats that need a high bar to hang from, or you could have a lot of t-shirts that can hang in a shorter section. Think about how most closets have one high bar. Do you really need a bar that high? Is there wasted space below it? Would you be better off with one high bar for longer clothing and multiple short bars to fit around shelving and drawers?

Inventory what you have and decide what types of spaces would work best for your hanging clothes. Look into specialty hangers that might change your mind about the hanging space that you need. Space saving hangers or cascading hangers can save space. Comforter or quilt hangers can free up storage space up top for your out of season clothing.

Decide how much you are going to allow yourself to own. Take your shoes for example. Most people, especially adults, keep their shoes for many years after they don’t wear them anymore. Get rid of excess stuff. Shoes, old suitcases, old suits, shirts and pants that just don’t fit anymore, can all go. Once you clear out the clutter, you can better assess what you need to make room for.

Don’t neglect the floor or the ceiling. Most people leave too much empty space up high that could easily be used for long-term storage. The floor is great for storing containers or your laundry basket. Find little corners for shelves. Hang hooks wherever you can. Use the back of the door for hats or shoes. Try to make a space for everything.

When you’re done, choose the right clothes hangers for your needs. Your hangers can make your closet space look great while protecting your clothing. Cedar hangers absorb moisture and odors, while metal hangers save space. Choose the hanger that works best for you and your closet will be beautiful and efficient.

Source by Ellen Hamm

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