Silvertone Fastback Electric Guitar

Silvertone Fastback Electric Guitar


The Silvertone Fastback Electric Guitar is a cool looking blue guitar that is a single cutaway solid body guitar. It is loaded with features but only weighs a light 14 pounds. Not bad for a full sized guitar.

This musical instrument stands out with its beautiful quilt maple neck, maple top, and maple 22 fret finger board. It is stunning and made of good quality considering the price. The guitar produces warm and bold sound because of its dual humpback pickups.

The instrument comes with vintage tremolo and die cast tuners. This guitar is perfect for both beginners and seasoned guitar players.


A number of users said that the unit is a good alternative to much more expensive „big brand“ guitars. Many people say that it is as good as typical expensive guitars in the market but will only cost a fraction of the price. Some reviews say that the Silvertone Fastback Electric Guitar is good as is, without any upgrades and works out of the box. It is mainly problem free and can be used as soon as you get it in the mail. Many people said that the solid material makes it look even better. The neck is comfortable to use for most people. Some reviews mentioned that the stock humpbuckers were great, the tremolo is also good as is. Some users said that they did not have to tune the guitar often unlike some cheaper models that constantly need to be tuned. The price is a big plus factor aside from it being a very usable guitar. At the price of under $140, your heart won’t break if the unit breaks.


A few users mentioned that there is a problem with the narrow neck because they have fat fingers; and they say that they wished that the neck was wider to accommodate bigger fingers and hands. Some reviews said that the Silvertone Fastback Electric Guitar felt cheap (especially once they find out the guitar is made in China). Users suggest that you should be knowledgeable about electric guitars before purchasing this model. Some say it is not ideal for serious guitar player and is better suited for beginners or hobbyists. Some reviews from expert electric guitar players said that, it may have inconsistencies and buyers should inspect the unit carefully before buying it. There are some users who prefer to buy more expensive guitars from well-known companies and find this model more ideal for older kids and beginners rather than for serious electric guitar players.

Generally, the Silvertone Fastback Electric Guitar is good enough for most buyers who find it to be a good guitar for the price. It is perfect for casual players and beginners as well. The cool looking design in blue is also an added benefit. For under $140, it is not bad for a full sized electric guitar that plays fine out of the box. It is a good gift for those who want to experiment with learning how to play an electric guitar.

Source by David Drofdoow

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