Sleep Tight With Modern Nursery Bedding

Sleep Tight With Modern Nursery Bedding


Ahhhh, one of the most enduring memories of my childhood is the smell and feel of freshly laundered, cotton sheets – we’ll gloss swiftly over those ghastly nylon things that made an electrifying but brief appearance in the 70s! It’s the cotton ones I remember – the scent that remained from a loving mother ironing out all the creases mixed with the security of being tucked up in a lovely warm, soft bed.

Back when it was impossible to know the baby’s gender prior to birth, nursery bedding was invariably white for its first bed. A moses basket or crib dressed in broderie anglaise, it was often only the colour of the sleepsuit or teddy tucked in the corner that gave a clue as to whether the sleeping infant was a boy or girl.

Now that prospective parents can learn the sex before birth, decorating and choosing modern nursery bedding for a boy or a girl is much easier. Which isn’t to say that neutral themes don’t have their own appeal, personally I chose a unisex Noah’s Ark scene which lasted more than one child of opposite genders and thus justified the slightly larger than usual initial outlay for the full bale of quilt, cot bumper, two sheets and a blanket.

Naturally, there are considerations which are of more importance than just the print or colour of the soft furnishings. The rise of cot deaths meant that a lot of research was carried out to discover the best ways to keep our babies sleeping safely and it is crucial to follow the most recent guidelines.

The incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has decreased dramatically as a result of the ‚Back To Sleep‘ campaign which educated professionals and parents on the importance of putting healthy babies to sleep on their backs. It has also been shown to be beneficial to place infants on a firm mattress that has no plastic covering, with their feet to the cot foot board and a blanket tucked into the bottom half of the cot so that it cannot entangle the child or ride up over its face.

Babies aren’t good at regulating their temperature so it’s up to us to make sure they don’t overheat. Cuddly toys may look cute in the cot but they have been found to trap in heat so should be kept elsewhere. Likewise, don’t place baby’s bed near a radiator or south facing window and don’t succumb to the temptation to add one more blanket „in case they kick it off“.

A neat way of avoiding the kick off problem if you have a wriggly bubba is a baby sleeping bag. Made from natural fabrics, these keep your little one snug through the night whilst allowing them freedom to squirm without losing their covers and waking up chilly.

Contented sighs all round!

Source by Ashley J Downs

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