The Importance of Stitch Markers

The Importance of Stitch Markers


In any kind of stitching art, you will find that stitch markers are used by every experienced stitcher. The reason is because using them helps the person save time. They are also important because they save people from getting frustrated and giving up entirely.

For example, if you were using knitting stitch markers and you lost your place you’d be able to go back to your marker, but if you were not using knitting markers you would completely lose your place and spend time trying to figure out where you are.

Why markers are important:

Markers also help the individual to be able to keep track of the number of their stitches as they progress throughout their work.

If you were crochetting a giant blanket, and you wanted to be able to know where you were at, using a crochet marker would help you. Especially with the bigger projects that you are doing, you will want to use a crochet stitch markers because otherwise it can be frustrating.

Crochet stitch markers also serve the purpose in that they let you know when you have reached the end of a round. At the end of each round you move the marker in a new loop on the crochet hook.

Why markers save you time:

Stitch markers save you time because lets say you were clover sewing a giant quilt. Well, quilts such as this take many hours in order to complete. In fact, if you were to work on a giant quilt for over a week straight with few breaks in between it would still probably not be finished.

This just isn’t reasonable unless the person has some means of tracking where they last left off. For example, with clover sewing you would use clover stitch markers in order to track the progress of your project. You could leave that project for a couple months to even a year. It doesn’t matter. By using clover markers you would quickly be able to pick up on the project right where you left off without too much rethinking where you left off.

Different types of stitch markers:

There are different types of markers, some that can be bought and others that can be made. In fact, sometimes creating your own marker is more fun than buying one from a store, and it is also far more original than a store-bought marker.

Markers can be highly simple or as complicated and stylish as you would like them to be. For example, you could use a safety-pin or paper clip if you wanted to as a marker. It would still serve the purpose, and that is to be a stitch marker.

Stitch markers made the stitching arts more enjoyable and have helped preserve the art. If it were not for the stitch marker it is safe to say that they would be a dying art because of the difficulty involved without them.

Source by Nancy Queen

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